The Tantric massage

Dear friends, for personal reasons, I am currently unable to accept appointment requests. See you soon and Stay healthy! Love Clara

Tantric massage teaches and conveys a ritual of a particular ethos:

Joy, dignity, thoughtfulness, attention, caution, care, openness and respect for others.

The massage fulfils our longing for warmth and then to be seen internally.

It honors the human sexual energy, which is one of the strongest and most original source of joy and satisfaction.

In the massage you’ll experience a “slowing down” process, a sensitive sensuality and you will feel worshiped and honored deep in your heart, soul and body.

  • You can let in yourself.
  • You can open up.
  • This opening may arouse many emotions.
  • You can arrive with yourself and your emotions.
  • You can laugh and cry, you can communicate or just enjoy in silence.
  • You will feel something new, a new self-experience.
  • You are allowed to say “yes” to you and your desire, to your vulnerability and your sensuality.
  • You are allowed to say “yes” to life in all its fullness.
  • You are allowed to feel love.