What to expect?

Dear friends, for personal reasons, I am currently unable to accept appointment requests. See you soon and Stay healthy! Love Clara

Those interested in a massage can simply write me or contact me via phone, even if you have no experience with Tantric massages!

There are absolutely no “stupid” questions – and I will gladly and patiently answer any questions that you may have.

Even if you decided to contact me via E-mail first, we will get a little “sniff” of each other during a telephone call. This way we can go into detail on everything that you are interested in. We’ll put a “framework” from where we move during the massage. This is important for your and my internal and external security.

During the massage you are enjoying passively.

Because the Tantric massage is a ritual of worship, I will start to get into a ​​delicate and gentle physical contact with you (this can be done standing or sitting). This first contact is important to build confidence and to give you a sense of security.

Unintentional contact and communication are just as desirable and welcome as the complete silence in you.

I will massage your entire body (except for parts of the body, which you don’t want me to touch) carefully and lovingly. Playful and light touches alternate with powerful and intense ones.

Yoni and Lingam are involved in the entire massage and in the last part they learn their own tribute and worship – this can end with a climax, but there is absolutely no expectation of it.

Very important: You decide “how far” in the massage you want to go. If you do not wish any genital touching or genital massage, so I do respect your wish.

I meet you with great respect and care, and take you as you are!